Monday, 20 September 2010

ok, you have three apples, a paperclip and some vaseline. how do you save the president of nintendo from a giant, pink and fluffy mooseacorn (moose+unicorn)?

ok, you have three apples, a paperclip and some vaseline. how do you save the president of nintendo from a giant, pink and fluffy mooseacorn (moose+unicorn)?

Answer here

Sunday, 27 June 2010

My Friends... A thank you to all of you...

Have I told you how much I love every one of you people who are my friends? Every single one of you. even the people I haven't talked to in years on here... Even people who hate me right now. Like Camille Palmer, who hates me because of a flame war I was a part of on her page, despite a year of friendship, or Andrew Heath (pass this on to Kristen), who I haven't talked to in over a year and wish we could hang cause I have Magic cards that are going to waste. I love you guys, you're all amazing, and you continue to be amazing. Even you, D.W., you helped me get out of my shell by fake kissing me every night for two weeks in "You Can't Take It With You" and inadvertently helped me become as open with myself and wild and crazy as I am (Btw, she's a great fake kisser lol).
Jason Lipshin, (for percolating and frying yourself in public)
Lauren Reid, (for making me never forget september 11th)
Lezl Peters, (may your sheath fit someones sword for life) think about it...
Marley McKenna, (for your never ending happiness when greeting new people)
Michelle Petro, (for being the down to earth person in your group in HS *nosh Linds Taylor, and you*)
Renanta Pieterse, (for breaking all the rules and reminding me that everyone is important)
Sandy Geminiani, (the 80s will forever be the best decade as long as you live)
Sarah Rivera, (for making work fun)
Dan Clarke, (for being an awesome guy despite your Nazi tendencies now)
Sarah "Mrs." Phillips, (for laughing at my really inappropriate jokes in a place where they shouldn't be told)
Lindsay Owens, (for always giving me a hug whenever i needed it)
Brianna Moffit, (for marrying me against your will I'll never have a wife quite like you)
Brittany Germaine, (supernatural is awesome, it's a shame we couldnt hang more)
Brian Gadbois, (for being an awesome guy with a kickass camera)
Katarina Lawson, (for being my neighbor and giving me advice on women)
Jason Brown, (for being my inspiration in theatre)
Jake Davis, (for Oedi)
Chris Bradley, (the scene when you were at war)
T.J. Heckerman, (your awkward humor knows no bounds)
Danielle Watts, (fore letting me bite your umbilical cord, and being all around the best looking short person ever)
Danny Ruegg, (how can I summarize what you and Travis did for me in one line?)
Travis Simmon, (the same)
Nick Lazaris begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, (Pippin, just Pippin)
Casey Hastings, (I can't seem to find you, but you were the best friend I guy could have during high school)
Morgan Hackett, (your beard rocked my world, 7 and a half times)
Erick Cannes, (why'd you move away you annoying fuck? I finally got good at Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Alex Salvadore, (for teaching me to be myself no matter the consequences)
Erin Brown, (for teaching me sometimes, you gotta say "fuck it!" and dance in the middle in the of the quad)
Angela Perry, (for being my friend despite my annoying tendencies)
Dave Arman, (for being my Dad when you weren't)
Kristen Stone, (dear lord woman you are gorgeous, and you bring a smile to everyone's face because your happiness is contagious, don't ever change)
Larenzo Ling, (how on earth do you know EVERYONE? doesn't matter, for being the most chill dude ever)
Lindsey Clements, (we had a moment and lost it, but I'll always be your friend in CA, and don't let anyone ever tell you you're not as amazing as you actually are, if you tried, you could rule the world)
Tyler, Tucker, & Tanner Singletary, (for the legos I stole in my immaturity. I'll probably never return them)
Alex Robertson, (despite our recent problems, your are an amazing cousin, and an amazing friend, please don't leave me)
Nicole Miller, (remember that girl we hated? High five to hate buddies... Plus you looked goooooood)
Mark Robertson, (don't know what to say to you, but I have faith that things will turn out alright)
Brittainy Gathright, (We miss Amanda, but she's always in our hearts, which is kind of ironic given her attitude on the subject, also, I had a big crush on you when we were library aides)
Monica Ruegg, (for being my best friend's hot older sister... yeah thats about it.)
Corrine Simmon, (The same)
Farnosh Mazandarani, (For filling my High School life with Hilarity at every turn. and for making me think as an adult... And for having huge tracks of land...)
Megan Felter, (for being the mysterious one in the corner who didn't put up with the teacher's shit)
Tasha "Ziggy" Powell, (for letting me call you Ziggy all these years, and being a hot nerd who used to put up with me)
Melissa Taylor, (We weren't always friends, but for being there now, your intelligence, and insightfulness in any situation. I really do cherish our friendship)
Ryan Coon, (an inspiration, a god, my idol, and just an all around good guy, thanks for the advice)
Mitch Kohen, (for always overpronouncing your "H's")
Dana Williams, (for being there so i wasn't alone at lunch time, and for being the first bisexual I ever met. You and Alex taught me that gay people are just like everybody else)
Amy Donatoni, (for making my last year at EHS a great one, I looked forward to seeing you everyday)
Daniel Steven Reina, (for all the great advice and the manly car and guitar talks, I've never had those with anyone before)
Lindsey Sundman, (for being a crush of mine and being a helluva singer)
Leslie Wenglein,(for making Melissa happy)
Christa Tumlinson, (Another inspiration to me, your voice, your acting, your dancing, and your gorgeousness made the best part of High School (Pippin) just that)
Danica Peterson, (for being the second bisexual I ever knew, even though it was through Dana. Also I thought you were hot)
Kristen Conant, (Upbeat is what I think of when I think of you, you always made sure everyone was upbeat and so were you, thank you)
Snorri Sverrisson, (For having an awesome name)
Kim Farley, (for being someone who got me through freshman year... I needed it)
Amberly Chamberlain, (For being the smokin hot teacher that every guy had a crush on, your direction an insights into acting made everyone better at what they tried to do. you are a great mother and a great teacher, and a great actor, thank you)
Chad Cole, (for being the guy i can't quite place as my friend because I don't know how I know you, but for being a friend nonetheless, I love your food tips)
Tawnya Pataky, (For being Jeanie in Childrens Theatre, you looked damn good in a leotard)
Chiharu Tsukiyama,  (Despite bugging me occasionally by continusly going on about things I don't understand or sometimes care about, you are interesting person who deserves someone great plus your cosplay looks great)
Lindsey Dolen, (for getting me into Carbon Leaf)
Christina Slobodien, (for Marcie, for emo boy, and for being the most fould mouthed person i know, you shall forever make me laugh)
Whitney Buttes, (I'm beginning to think there wasn't a single girl i didn't think looked good in High School, but thank you for looking Fine,*with a capital F* and for being there when I needed a partner for competition)
Christyana Wills, (for giving me a great afternoon at subway when I needed someone to talk to)
Amanda Campbell, ( you left way too soon, you were the bad girl and I loved you, in my own way, and I think i do still have a slight scar from you biting my arm, you were the original vampire, thank you for being amazing)
Samantha Machurski, (for being the sexiest short person before you left and Dani Watts showed up, and for always giving your all. The show must go on)
Susan Semegran, (the greatest inspiration of all. What can I say to someone who guided me through the most important years of my life? What can I say about someone who pushed me to be my best? Thank you...)
Thomas Hibbs, (for being the kung- fu christopher walken of our generation)
Steve Gehret, (for always leaving the snack cabinet open for longs periods of time)
Blake Tarvin, (for waiting for elvis)
Alana Brown, (my mother away from homethank you for your laughter)
Alexis Radig, (for helping me through econ by giving me someone pretty and funny to look at... that wasn't supposed to be as creppy as it sounded... hmmm...)
Alexandra Alamar, (for showing me that even a perfect person can have problems, and that crying is something we all need to do from time to time)
Kevin Tett, (Dr. Finsdale, enough said)
Alina Wilkinson, (I don't know you, but you know me, and you seem kinda cool, we should hang)
AJ Riley, (for being the voice of reason in our group at EHS, you were only normal person there)
Shannon "May" Stotz, (for your unending optimism and sympathy when Wipeout kicked my ass)
Ali Hutton, (for being there to keep Nosh under control)
Cindy Parks, (for your unending nerdiness that suits you so well)
Britney Campbell, (for your obsession with Phantom of The Opera, that I still don't quite understand)
Andrea Palmer, (for the laughs, for the hugs, and for the amazing hair you have)
Heather Kirsch, (Pippin and Li'l Abner were stepping stones that you breezed through, wherever you are, i know you're doing great)
Paul Romero, (for our on-again, off-again friendship that keeps me never missing you... dork...)
Melissa Ketchum, (mainly cause I had a crush on you for 4 years but also cause you helped me in woodshop when i sliced my thumb open)
Kate Rowley, (for stringing me along on a hook for 6 years until I was fed up with your shit, may I never be caught like that again, thank you for the lessons, also, for making out with my ex and letting Bryan and I take pictures)
Kate Whitney, (Not sure how to spell your name, but thank you for being the biggest cocktease known to man, and thank you for never going out with me)
Austin McCoy, (Thank you for your awkward silences and you shirtless comedy. I shall never forget)
Richie McManus, (for showing me that i can be attractive to someone, because I was starting to lose hope)
Sabrina Farnsworth, (for letting me tease you about your name cause I thought you were hot and I was still in that tease to show you're attracted mode)
Jillyan Mina, (for letting me kiss you on your birthday all those years ago, you bolstered my confidence in myself for the future)
Lindsay Taylor, (for being the wtf person, if not you it would have been me, and I wasn't as good at it as you)
Mia Costin, (for punching me whenever I'm wrong, whenever I'm right, and just whenever I guess)
Alyssa Maddock, (for having the most beautiful singing voice i've ever heard in real life. I cannot wait to see where you go)
David McIntosh, (for being my nerdy friend from across the country i can talk nerdy stuff too cause no one else understands)
Britnee Daniel, (for being my friend even though you didn't know me)
David Michael Dawson, (for letting me have all of those sweet ass pokemon from your wi fi)
Ashton Warren, (for teaching me that black women can be beautiful *I used to be a little racist*)
Angela Gannaway, ( for dealing with the new kid on the block all those years ago and showing me that people can have problems and still be awesome)
Marcia "Marcie" Maria Baker, (for the greatest sex I've had so far)
Devin Perry, (for never wearing a bra at school)
Mandy Jo, (for being all around amazing and still being a nerd, however secretly you might be one)
Joanna Benson, (for my first kiss, dance, and ass grab)
Karma Manly, (for taking away my virginity, I wasn't using it anyway)
Elizabeth Ungemach, (for showing me I can turn somebody gay with the power of my penis)
Vanessa Valdez, (for loving me when I didn't deserve it)
Sheri Iris, (for your contagious goofiness and laughter)
Jennifer Silverman, (for cheering me up when I was down)
Jill Decker, (for having the balls to give birth in class. Kinda contradictory that sentence isn't it?)
Amy Von Voigt, (for being my racquetball partner because no one else could stand me)
Evan Delohery, (I don't know, but thank you anyway)
Erin Channing, (you prob dont remember me, but i thought you were gorgeous)
Raymond Cassesus, (for teaching me how to deal with death, you died to soon, and you shouldn't have)
Katherine York-Nelson, (for being the diet coke of evil)
Alex Chabot, (for accidently letting me look up your gym shorts while you wore a thong, and for being somebody to talk during the weekly mile run)
Heather Cohen, (can't remember who you are but i remember the name)
Katie Zuehlke, (for making me your college pimp and for letting me revisit my high school years and be the cool one)
Paul Reyes, (for making everyone else laugh when I thought you were an idiot)
Ashley Thompson, (for being my new friend who is a nerd and gorgeous at the same time)
Karen McLaughlin, (for making tim happy cause frankly he was getting a little depressing)
Tammy Gelbert, (for be awesome 110% of the time and being my friend. Also, thank you for getting me into Glee and Plants vs Zombies)
Nick Mata, (for your neverending quips about everything and you ability to make anything hilarious)
Derek Dillon, (for these past who knows how many years of friendship and for making me seem like I'm not paranoid)
Ethan Bolton, (for being there for me through thick and thin no matter what, you, Derek, and Nick, shall always be my best friends)
and anyone I might have forgotten, (except Bothwell, Andy, Lora, and Gormoth the Destroyer) I love you all. all of you, at one point or another, were there for me, and helped me pull through a very hard time in my life, and I want to thank you. I don't know why I started doing this, (it took me 5 hours) I just felt a little Nostalgic I guess. Have great lives, each and every one of you. There is one person I wish I could put on this list, but I don't know her full name, Ashlyn, from Brea Country Hills Elementary, You helped me when I was young, and again when I ran into you in 6th grade. I wish I could find you. And say I'm sorry. But you are all my friends, even if you're not, and I hope you all do great things, and when I say all my friends in this video, all of you are in my thoughts. Thank you for reading my nonsense once again... Until next time...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Technical Difficulties

Okay... Due to some errors in the capture tech I'm using, my first review is sadly slow at coming along. I'll have to release it next week. I was hoping to use my program Pinnacle Studio to do the capturing, but I can't get it to work with my own dvd drive. So I'm stuck using FRAPS for now... If anyone has any suggestions please tell me what you think I should do instead... I don't have the answers... Maybe you do...

Monday, 31 May 2010


Ghick, the word is one used regularly in slang describing someone who is "Ghetto" and a "Hick". L.A. meets Nebraska (e.g. I'm supa fly dontchaknow...). But I find I have a better definition for it.

How often in this age do we find guys doing things that before the 60s and 70s were commonplace activities for women? Women used to be stay at home mothers. That role seems to have passed onto the father in modern society. Or to young adult babysitters. Basically, the parental figures seem to be gone. And where does that leave us? With men who don't know how to act like men. And women who are the dominant figures in the household. As this transition was made the one place it showed the most was in cinema. Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and even the post-traditional-era film Pleasantville with it's sitcom of the same name all showed families in which the male figure was the figurehead of the family while the woman was the caregiver. In the movies men watched action flicks, and women watched romantic comedies. As time has progressed, a change has begun to creep over slowly and surely. Women, more dominant, are now the ones who action flicks; the romantic comedy having become too sappy for them to enjoy with it's unrealistic portrayals of romance. Well, maybe not unrealistic, I'm sure there are men out there who do the things that are shown in these movies and they work, but they are few and far between. Perhaps the portrayals are just over the top. And after years of being let down by their male counterparts, they've decided to not take it anymore.

Which is where the phrase Ghick shows up. My definition of Ghick is a man who acts like a woman. Yes, I'm aware of the metrosexuals, but they don't cover the whole grouping. Guys who act like chicks are almost the norm. They rage the streets PMSing as if they had actual periods; the slightest things setting them off. These men, watch what I call Ghick Flicks. They are almost exactly like chick flicks, but the lead character is a guy, who has over the top expectations about romance. Movies like "100 Girls" or "500 Days Of Summer" are the perfect example for the Ghick Flick. Keep in mind, these movies are enjoyed by women as well, but they are meant for men. Early attempts at making Ghick Flicks were successful. The "American Pie" trilogy being the cornerstone of this trend. The difference is that these movies had a wider range of audiences, catering to not only the guys and girls of young adulthood, but also appealing to younger audiences of the High School variety due to it's periods of low intelligence humor and blatant nudity stuck in there for no reason. But the more mature movies like "500 Days Of Summer" explore not only the act of trying to get laid, but trying to make something meaningful with another person and trying to make it last. Its funny I mention the movie "100 Girls" It is the movie that motivated this blog posting. The movie itself covering the difference between men and women more than I touch on in this post. It touches on why men and women drive each other crazy and why we can't ever find common ground when it comes to friendships or our individual sexuality. The main character states, it's because we have no ground rules. And I agree.

Think about it, we have rules for EVERYTHING! Driving laws, Dress codes, even basic etiquette; these are all rule systems. The only rules we have for how men and women treat each other in relations are these:

1. Don't EVER hit a girl
2. Treat a girl nicely
3. No means No

That's all I grew up with. Yes, we are taught other things about how to treat people of the opposite sex. But those are usually through example or guidelines. Those 3 are the only ones that ever got pounded and pounded into my head. Those are the rules. And they don't explain anything at all do they? All they teach us is that we have to be kind to girls while they beat the crap out us and we cant do anything about it. And there is almost nothing wrong with that. After years of being beaten up by girls, I kind grew to enjoy it if it was a good looking girl or someone I was dating. On a side note, I'd like to point out some people don't even have these rules. That's why rapes and domestic abuse took a large upturn when this most recent recession hit. We need rules, and definite consequences. Okay, it's about time to wrap this all up.

My point is, Men and Women have their differences. And in this new age where men are the women and women are the men, someone needs to step forward and make a statement that lays down the ground rules. There used to be a thing that certain people used to preach about. Equality. The only problem is, there will never be equality as long as one sex puts the other down. And people tend to hold grudges. In this world where men have always lorded over women, the women seemed to hold it against the men. Even though the men they were holding it against weren't always the commit-er of this crime... The Ghick is like you used to be. He is now oppressed. He now has his rights put upon. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing, some people like it. Otherwise we wouldn't have such a roaring trade in sex whips and ball gags.

My final point is this...

Who are we as individuals to determine how another person may be treated? Why is the Ghick looked upon as a weak link in the chain by other men who may or may not be Ghicks themselves? And most of all, Who will finally end Sexism and Feminism by laying down the ground rules so we don't need to tiptoe around each other as if we might wake a beast?

I don't have the answers... Maybe you do...

P.S. Having these rules would also put an end to the constant annoying trend of looking at a magazine rack and seeing, "15 WAYS TO PLEASE YOUR MAN" and/or "WOMAN"

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Blogging Needs...

Wow... Three posts in one day... Lot of time on my hands today. Anyway, On to the point. I am looking for drawings of myself in various situations for use in the blog. Preferably involving some of my favorite movies... For a list of movies I'd like these pictures to involve, email me at Payment is an option, but of course i'd love it if the pictures were free. Lol. Also, I am taking suggestions for a theme song for my future videos. Thanks for your help. I don't have the answers. Maybe you do...