Monday, 31 May 2010


Ghick, the word is one used regularly in slang describing someone who is "Ghetto" and a "Hick". L.A. meets Nebraska (e.g. I'm supa fly dontchaknow...). But I find I have a better definition for it.

How often in this age do we find guys doing things that before the 60s and 70s were commonplace activities for women? Women used to be stay at home mothers. That role seems to have passed onto the father in modern society. Or to young adult babysitters. Basically, the parental figures seem to be gone. And where does that leave us? With men who don't know how to act like men. And women who are the dominant figures in the household. As this transition was made the one place it showed the most was in cinema. Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and even the post-traditional-era film Pleasantville with it's sitcom of the same name all showed families in which the male figure was the figurehead of the family while the woman was the caregiver. In the movies men watched action flicks, and women watched romantic comedies. As time has progressed, a change has begun to creep over slowly and surely. Women, more dominant, are now the ones who action flicks; the romantic comedy having become too sappy for them to enjoy with it's unrealistic portrayals of romance. Well, maybe not unrealistic, I'm sure there are men out there who do the things that are shown in these movies and they work, but they are few and far between. Perhaps the portrayals are just over the top. And after years of being let down by their male counterparts, they've decided to not take it anymore.

Which is where the phrase Ghick shows up. My definition of Ghick is a man who acts like a woman. Yes, I'm aware of the metrosexuals, but they don't cover the whole grouping. Guys who act like chicks are almost the norm. They rage the streets PMSing as if they had actual periods; the slightest things setting them off. These men, watch what I call Ghick Flicks. They are almost exactly like chick flicks, but the lead character is a guy, who has over the top expectations about romance. Movies like "100 Girls" or "500 Days Of Summer" are the perfect example for the Ghick Flick. Keep in mind, these movies are enjoyed by women as well, but they are meant for men. Early attempts at making Ghick Flicks were successful. The "American Pie" trilogy being the cornerstone of this trend. The difference is that these movies had a wider range of audiences, catering to not only the guys and girls of young adulthood, but also appealing to younger audiences of the High School variety due to it's periods of low intelligence humor and blatant nudity stuck in there for no reason. But the more mature movies like "500 Days Of Summer" explore not only the act of trying to get laid, but trying to make something meaningful with another person and trying to make it last. Its funny I mention the movie "100 Girls" It is the movie that motivated this blog posting. The movie itself covering the difference between men and women more than I touch on in this post. It touches on why men and women drive each other crazy and why we can't ever find common ground when it comes to friendships or our individual sexuality. The main character states, it's because we have no ground rules. And I agree.

Think about it, we have rules for EVERYTHING! Driving laws, Dress codes, even basic etiquette; these are all rule systems. The only rules we have for how men and women treat each other in relations are these:

1. Don't EVER hit a girl
2. Treat a girl nicely
3. No means No

That's all I grew up with. Yes, we are taught other things about how to treat people of the opposite sex. But those are usually through example or guidelines. Those 3 are the only ones that ever got pounded and pounded into my head. Those are the rules. And they don't explain anything at all do they? All they teach us is that we have to be kind to girls while they beat the crap out us and we cant do anything about it. And there is almost nothing wrong with that. After years of being beaten up by girls, I kind grew to enjoy it if it was a good looking girl or someone I was dating. On a side note, I'd like to point out some people don't even have these rules. That's why rapes and domestic abuse took a large upturn when this most recent recession hit. We need rules, and definite consequences. Okay, it's about time to wrap this all up.

My point is, Men and Women have their differences. And in this new age where men are the women and women are the men, someone needs to step forward and make a statement that lays down the ground rules. There used to be a thing that certain people used to preach about. Equality. The only problem is, there will never be equality as long as one sex puts the other down. And people tend to hold grudges. In this world where men have always lorded over women, the women seemed to hold it against the men. Even though the men they were holding it against weren't always the commit-er of this crime... The Ghick is like you used to be. He is now oppressed. He now has his rights put upon. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing, some people like it. Otherwise we wouldn't have such a roaring trade in sex whips and ball gags.

My final point is this...

Who are we as individuals to determine how another person may be treated? Why is the Ghick looked upon as a weak link in the chain by other men who may or may not be Ghicks themselves? And most of all, Who will finally end Sexism and Feminism by laying down the ground rules so we don't need to tiptoe around each other as if we might wake a beast?

I don't have the answers... Maybe you do...

P.S. Having these rules would also put an end to the constant annoying trend of looking at a magazine rack and seeing, "15 WAYS TO PLEASE YOUR MAN" and/or "WOMAN"

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